Latest News

In December, 2021 I joined Treehouse as CEO following a four+ year stint serving as CTO of DreamFactory Software.

In August, 2023 I launched EmailReputationAPI in response to the rampant abuse I’ve seen over the years by bots, scammers, and credit card fraudsters. EmailReputationAPI offers an easy API which will help companies identify both personal and anonymized email domains whether at time of registration or during periodic CRM audits. It’s still a side project for now, but provides something fun to hack on as well as offers a useful service to the larger Internet business community.

Also in August, 2023 I launched BlogIgnite, an AI-driven blog generation service. BlogIgnite will generate a blog post draft, the associated SEO metadata, and several ideas for related articles. I’m really excited about this project because it gives me a rare opportunity to draw upon 20+ years of both programming and writing/publishing experience.