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Introducing PHP and MySQL
Price: $3.00 · Duration: 22:53 minutes
Just what makes the PHP language and MySQL database so popular? Why are they so commonly used together to build websites both large and small? This video introduces you to PHP and MySQL, focusing on the features which have turned open source projects with modest beginnings into two of the world's game-changing technologies. » Learn more
A Tour of Google Analytics
Price: $3.00 · Duration: 12:46 minutes
After all the time you put into building a great website, you're going to want to effectively monitor important matters such as site traffic and user demographics. There's perhaps no better available tool to do so than Google Analytics. This video introduces this fantastic service, showing you how to plug it into your website in just minutes, and guiding you through its key features. » Learn more
Building a PHP-driven Facebook Application
Price: $0.00 · Duration: 13:12 minutes
There's little doubt Facebook is fast becoming the Web's 800 lb. gorilla. Thankfully, this monkey is very friendly to others, offering a fantastic feature known as the Facebook Platform which enables other websites to enter the Facebook ecosystem with surprising ease. This video introduces the Facebook Platform, and shows you how we created the GameNomad application for the Facebook Platform. » Learn more

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