Easy Heroku for Busy Rails Developers is a forthcoming book introducing the ins-and-outs of hosting your Rails application on the popular Heroku platform.

Easy Active Record for Rails Developers is the ultimate guide to mastering building database-driven Rails applications using the powerful Active Record ORM Framework.

Easy Laravel 5 is a fun, hands-on introduction to the popular Laravel framework that focuses on the latest features made available in the framework’s forthcoming version. You’ll learn by doing, following along with the development of a real-world Laravel-driven mobile web application.

Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework is the bestselling guide to the Zend Framework version 1. Important note: Zend Framework version 2 has been released, making much of what is covered in this book outdated.

Beginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition is the bestselling introduction to using PHP and MySQL together to build powerful database-backed dynamic web applications.