Thirteen Zend Framework Tutorials

Published On: May 26, 2011 @ 01:06:35pm

A few weeks ago I posted what turned out to be a rather popular compendium of productivity- and best practices-related PHP tutorials which I’ve published in recent years on Developer.com and PHPBuilder.com. As it happens I write about the Zend Framework with equal vigor, and figured readers might like to check out the list of Zend Framework tutorials I’ve written over the past two years for the aforementioned sites. With no further ado, here’s the list.

Boost PHP Site Performance with Zend Framework Data Caching
Zend’s data caching component is pretty darned useful, although for newcomers the terminology used in the documentation can be rather confusing. This tutorial helps to shed some light on the topic.

Testing with the Zend Framework: How to Get Started
Unit testing is without a doubt the most important development strategy I’ve added to my toolbox in recent years, and after working through a few nasty configuration issues it’s possible to incorporate PHPUnit into your Zend Framework applications via Zend_Test, and it is in a word, awesome. This tutorial introduces you to the topic.

Video: Testing Your Web Forms with Zend_Test and PHPUnit
This video furthers the testing theme, showing you how to test web forms using the Zend_Test component and PHPUnit.

Managing Zend Framework Layouts
PHP developers love to talk about templating engines. As it happens, I hate to talk about them in preference of a solution which just works, allowing me to focus on implementing cool features. The Zend Framework’s layout solution is such a solution.

Search Google Books with the Zend Framework’s Zend_Gdata Component
The Zend Framework sports a significant number of web services API components, including several which plug into the various Google services, Google Books included. This tutorial shows you how to get started mining book data using the Zend_Gdata component.

Taking Advantage of Simple Cloud with the Zend Cloud Component
Simple Cloud is a unified cloud API capable of plugging into several different popular cloud solutions (Microsoft’s and Amazon’s among them). The Zend_Cloud component offers an easy way to talk to this API via the Zend Framework.

Integrating Twitter Into the Zend Framework
Continuing with the web services theme, this tutorial shows you how to talk to Twitter via the Zend Framework using the Zend_Service_Twitter component.

Create a Unit Conversion Application with the Zend_Measure Component
The Zend Framework supports almost 100 components capable of performing practically any task under the sun. As proof of such wide-ranging capabilities, this article introduces you to the Zend_Measure component, which can convert between a significant number of different measurement standards.

Use Zend Framework Action Helpers to Reduce PHP Code Redundancy
Two great ways to stay DRY within your Zend Framework applications is by taking full advantage of action helpers and view helpers. This tutorial tackles the latter.

Video: Developing Custom Zend Framework View Helpers
This video introduces you to the second of the aforementioned helper types, showing you how to take advantage of view helpers within your Zend Framework applications.

Running PHP and Zend Framework Scripts from the Command Line
Although seemingly unconventional, I regularly run Zend Framework applications from the command-line, using various components in conjunction with a PHP script which executes on a regular basis via CRON. In fact, my book Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework‘s companion project GameNomad relies upon numerous such scripts to update the video games’ sales ranks. This tutorial shows you how to incorporate such capabilities into your repertoire.

Managing User Accounts with the Zend Framework
The ability to create and log into user accounts is an indispensable part of any website, yet many web development novices have a hard time figuring out how all of the different pieces work together. This tutorial clarifies nicely by showing you how to use the Zend Framework’s Zend_Auth component to build a simple user registration solution.

Creating RSS Feeds with the Zend Framework for Fun and Profit
Although in the Twitter age it certainly seems as if RSS feeds are losing their lustre, millions of users remain devoted to daily perusal of their feed readers. This tutorial shows you how to create RSS feeds using the Zend Framework’s Zend_Feed component.